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Hypnotherapy for Healthy Weight

  • Let go of what you don’t need

  • Feel lighter, emotionally and physically

  • Easily maintain your ideal weight

  • Eat and move consciously

  • Be in tune with what your body needs

  • Feel comfortable around temptations

Weight can be a lifelong struggle

Have you ever started snacking at night, grabbed a sweet snack or eaten a second portion without thinking about it?

Do you eat when you are stressed, tired, or feel alone?

Do the pounds just keep piling on or seem to stick like glue?

Is your doctor telling you you are putting too much strain on your body?

You are not alone.

Your subconscious mind is stronger than willpower

For many people, food is not just fuel for the body. Eating very often has a highly emotional component, and the subconscious mind plays a big role in the why of overeating.

That can be really frustrating when you try the newest diet trend and try to manage your food intake through sheer willpower. You know, as in “halve portion sizes”, or a certain diet shake maybe.

Because what happens when you stop doing that, or your willpower slides?

We can try all the diets, but if the emotional component remains, the yo-yo effect sets in and you pile on the pounds again. Your subconscious may make you eat for comfort, to protect you (as stupid as it sounds), or to relieve stress, to name just a few. That is why a diet alone is often not enough to cause lasting change.

Develop a healthy relationship with food - with hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy helps you get to the root of your weight issue and change it. We work together on that emotional component. Straight into your subconscious, changing the old ways for new ways of relating to food and weight.

There are so many reasons for unhealthy weight

And while some of them may be medical issues, there is a whole range of issues that play mainly in the mind:

  • compulsive or absentminded eating
  • too much stress
  • emotional eating
  • not enough exercise
  • not listening to the innate signal of “I’m full”
  • consuming foods and drinks that are poor in nutrients and high in sugar or fat
  • eating as replacement for smoking or drinking

Do you recognize one or more of these issues? Then contact me so we can solve them together.

Here's how I help

I do not offer a one-size-fits-all program. If you are a plus size, you know that that one size never works anyway.

Everyone has their own set of issues, and your body and mind are not machines that work the same as everyone else’s.

That is why your sessions are custom-tailored to you. So that you finally drop those pounds and develop a new fantastic relationship with your amazing body and yourself.

Over the course of several sessions, we will work on exactly what it is you need at that time.
That may be smaller portion sizes, eating healthier food, improving your body awareness, being more active, releasing the emotions that cause you to overeat, relieve stress, or working on your sleep.

My approach works well in combination with any nutrition or sports program you may already follow, even if you have not been able to keep up previously.

Because you do not need to rely purely on willpower of your conscious mind. With my help, your subconscious will be ready and support you reach your goals as well.

Let’s get started!

Weight Loss Get Moving

Imagine what your life will be like

There is such a big contrast between feeling tired and unmotivated to do anything, and finally making the move to changing your life forever!

Just imagine the pure joy when those first pounds have dropped, and the scale keeps showing less and less every week.

How empowered you will feel, and how much you will enjoy your body getting a shape that you thought was lost forever?

When you finally enjoy moving and exercising again, and how much fun it will be!

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