Hypnotherapy for Unexplained Infertility

  • increase your chance of natural successful pregnancy
  • reduce the stress and anxiety around unexplained infertility
  • make your body a nurturing home for a baby
  • solve the deeper blocks and issues of the mind
  • create a calm and loving family mindset
  • double your chances of successful IVF
  • improve your relationship

It can be frustrating

When the one thing you want more than anything in the world is just not happening. When you see that it’s so simple for others, while you and your partner have been putting all of your focus on this one thing: conceiving and giving birth to your baby – you’ve tried everything, and yet, your dream has not come true yet.

The Diagnosis: Unexplained Infertility.

You are not alone. About 15-30% of all cases of infertility do not appear to have a medical reason. Of course, lifestyle and nutrition have their influence on fertility as well. But if you are like most couples trying to conceive so desperately, you will have tried a lot of remedies already, including changes to your diet and lifestyle. And now you’ve probably reached a place where none of that worked and you start losing hope.

But – and here is the positive side – when there is no physical reason for infertility, hypnotherapy can help increase your chances of having a baby significantly. That is because unexplained infertility is very often a mix of nutrition, toxin exposure, and subconscious reasons. I work with you to easily make changes in your lifestyle and improving your mind-body connection. Because the mind is where hypnotherapy excels at making fast positive change, with the body following. And then, it becomes easy to conceive.

Fertility can be impacted by a lot of non-physical factors

Stress & negative emotions

Your body always wants to be balanced. But stress, and negative emotions you may have been feeling cause stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline to be released into your body, and that can have a significant influence on your entire hormonal balance. Long term they can cause inflammation and even immune problems. And imbalances can affect your ability to have a baby – this can be true for both partners, because male fertility plays a big role as well – males contribute to infertility in 40-50% of cases!

Beliefs and assumptions

The way medical professionals, family members  and others speak to us subconsciously shape our view about ourselves, and our own inner ability to achieve anything, including our fertility. You may be familiar with the placebo effect, but this also works the other way around, in which case it is called “nocebo effect”. This effect implants negative beliefs into your subconscious mind as if they were true. Such as ” Children are a burden”, or “You’re over 40, it will be really hard for you to become pregnant.”

With hypnotherapy, we can easily remove those beliefs. 



Worry and Anxiety

With a lot of women, anxiety goes through the roof every 2 or 4 weeks.

Did we do it at the right time? Will it stick? What will my pregnancy test show? Will it work this time? If it hasn’t, what is wrong with me? What are others going to say of me? I can’t do this anymore. I am a failure.”

 This frustration, feeling of isolation and negative mindset can lead to becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

That is why we work to remove any of those worries, to make you confident – and your body can respond just as confidently.

Subconscious blocks

Subconscious blocks may come from a long time ago, that you are not even aware of. They can be responsible for your biggest wish not coming true yet. That can be anything from “We should not put any children into this world” to “I’ll be a bad mother/father”.

Having had an abortion or miscarriage in the past can also cause subconscious blocks, to protect you from any hurt.

If those blocks are present in either of you, we remove them.

Your Relationship

When having a baby becomes the sole focus of your relationship, with intercourse timed to the most likely moments to conceive in your cycle, the relationship is put under a lot of pressure – causing stress that has an negative influence on your fertility.

Sometimes, clients just need to be reminded how wonderful their relationship or marriage used to be without that stress to get back to mutual trust, love and the confidence to be amazing parents.

IVF or Assisted Reproduction

If you are already undergoing assisted reproductive treatment, you know it is not a walk in the park.

You take hormones that make you really moody, you have regular injections, painful procedures to go through, and it simply adds a lot more stress and pain to the situation. And the male partner often feels helpless, unable to much lessen the pain his partner goes through.

This stress is actually called IVF stress.

While we cannot make IVF totally easy, we can work to reduce it to as few cycles as possible, or – if you have a waiting time to your treatment – you may find that you are pregnant before starting the first round.

Hypnotherapy can greatly increase your chances of conception

Unexplained infertility has, by definition, no visible physical reason. It is connected to nutrition, toxin exposure, and the subconscious mind. And matters of the mind are where hypnotherapy excels.

Whether you are still on the path of coceiving naturally or have started assisted reproductive treatment like IVF already, hypnotherapy can help to greatly increase your chance of having a baby.

Studies have shown that pregnancy rates are significantly higher with stress-reducing interventions. According to an Israeli study, hypnosis doubled success rates of IVF treatments from 14% to 28%. That is because hypnotherapy helps the uterus to remain relaxed during the implantation of the embryo. 

How does it work?

Fertility issues have multiple layers that cannot all be solved through cookie-cutter solutions.

You are unique, as a person and as a couple, and on a different part in your journey than anyone else. Everyone’s reasons for being able to conceive or father a child are different. Sometimes, the change can be really quick, at other times, it’s like we are peeling away layer upon layer, with new issues coming up each week. And that is absolutely fine.

I don’t have a fixed programme. I offer a package with bespoke sessions, unique to you and your needs – and maybe your partner’s.

While I do offer single sessions, the fertility package gives you the time and space you need to develop and grow, to relax and build confidence – so that it becomes really easy to conceive.

Feel free to book a discovery call first. If you want to book your package immediately, please scroll down or visit my booking page.

Things you can expect to happen

  • lower stress levels
  • feeling calmer and less mental load in your head
  • removing of any hidden blocks or roots of infertility, giving you the best chance of having a healthy baby
  • a stronger body-mind connection
  • a positive outlook on all aspects of fertility and parenthood
  • a calmer, more loving relationship
  • pain reduction techniques to prepare you for IVF or birth
  • if necessary, reduction of anxiety or phobias around medical treatments
  • extended support when necessary

Fertility Package

Sessions can be for the woman, man, or as a couple. Hypnosis for unexplained infertility has a high success rate and can help increase  chances of IVF. 

Any single sessions can be upgraded to a package when you find you need longer-term help.

Ideal if
  • you have been trying to conceive over 6-12 months and it has not yet worked
  • you have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility
  • you want to avoid assisted reproduction treatments altogether
  • you’d like support with IVF
  • you’d like support with PCOS
What's included
  • initial consultation
  • up to 12 individual weekly hypnotherapy and coaching sessions for both partners
  • support for both partners
  • 6 months of email support
  • payment plan available on request


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