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This questionnaire is suitable for you if you experience tinnitus.

The purpose of this questionnaire is a) to collect data about tinnitus and its impact in general, and find suitable participants for a small-scale study that will be used to research how hypnosis helps reduce or remove tinnitus.

Aggregated data from this survey will be published anonymously. You have the right to withdraw your  contribution and/or application at any time while filling in the form by simply leaving the page, or emailing at any time.

You will be able to enter your name and email at the end to apply as a candidate for the hypnosis case study or leave the fields blank. Should you apply as a candidate, be aware that hypnosis sessions will be recorded and may be published in full or in parts – with only your first name in the video.

This project is not funded by any university or organization. The responsible party is soulessense coaching and hypnotherapy.

Thank you for taking the time!