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We begin by laying the foundations to your new life through powerful hypnotherapy techniques, by removing emotions and blocks that no longer serve you.

Hypnotherapy is able to bypass the conscious, critical mind and guide the subconscious, so that it can find the exact parts that need to be healed. It is an easy and quick fix compared to traditional therapies, and you’ll be amazed at the results.



Past Lives

Next, we will start to (re-)awaken the spiritual side of your being, through Past Life Regression.

Past Life Regression will help heal the wounds that you have been carrying for more than a lifetime and give you a deeper understanding of your current life.



Deep Soul Work

From here, we will move on to do Deep Soul Work, which will connect you firmly with your intuition and purpose.

Deep Soul Work enables you to experience the unconditional love that only exists in the spirit realm, and recognize and free yourself of the very last blocks that separated you from your new, fulfilling life.

This will happen in the group, but also in individual sessions, because we all have our own unique battles to fight and win.




And then, the remaining puzzle pieces often just fall into place and it becomes much easier to place all the parts of our life and lifetimes.

The group will remain open  for several weeks after the workshop is finished, so you can always ask any questions or discuss the revelations you have after the sessions.

This workshop is tailored specifically to you.

Because this is not just a one size fits all approach. Not a random collection of sessions. It’s a well thought out progression of learning, group and individual sessions.

Yes, this will require you to put in some effort of your own, because all change comes from within, but I have made your homework as easy and simple as it can be.

We don’t even need to go into woo woo talk about this. During the course, you will just naturally and deeply understand what we’re working towards.

soulessense coaching

I help people create huge shifts in their life every day

Let Go

I released the burden completely. I now feel about half my weight and half my age as if I am now walking into the light. It’s going to be so wonderful to have a life where I can just get on with it!

I felt so relaxed when we let go of that contract, I felt like sinking into the sofa with my entire body.

During the session I had a release of tears flowing down my cheeks, so I knew internally I must have let go of the pain and released something.

Feel Amazing

The experience itself is just extraordinary. I can feel it still.

When you were doing the happiness session oh my God I felt it so much my whole body was tingling!

You are going to absolutely explode with this stuff! This is amazing stuff you’re doing, so important!

Gain Clarity and Calm

I think all I can say is WOW! How did you do that? All of those questions for all of those years, and now it all makes sense!

My life has changed so much in just a week. What you do is amazing. You open up thoughts and hidden stuff so it makes sense and therefore gives a feeling of calm. It is really important.

I felt so much lighter, able to laugh, with my sense of humour returning, being able to laugh again. I feel highly functional, calm, grounded, confident, focused and productive, the most I’ve been in a long time.

Feel Intuition and Connection

I am definitely more in touch with myself. I am hooked into the message it left me with. Open heart and peace.

I didn’t want to come back out. The place with the light, it was so, difficult to describe, because it’s not something that’s describable. Like gold yellow shafts of light everywhere, but it was all going up. And it feels like “it’s home”. There’s no more to say about it, it’s just home.

You know it was like being squeezed back into my body! That was like a holy f*ck moment! But it was time for me to go back. It was like “right now, you’ve got the message now. Go back again!”

You can experience all of these shifts and more!

Because these are results from single sessions – in our 12 weeks you can achieve many more breakthroughs than that!

Feeling certainty and calm through that deep connection with your soul. Easily able to navigate the obstacles in your life.

With clarity, the emotional and mental space to create the life that is based on what YOU want. Based on YOUR rules.

Think about it: if you changed just one percent of your life every week, it would be completely different in two years’ time.

In this workshop, you will change much faster than that.

soulessense past life regression

What’s included?

  • 12 Weekly Live Sessions

    via Zoom, combining coaching, hypnosis and soul work. Sessions will streamed into Facebook and put into course platform for you to re-watch forever.

  • Close-Knit Facebook Group

    Hear others’ stories and share your own experience whenever you want. Because this soul work is something that is best understood by those who are on the same journey as you. Find announcements, extra content, ask questions, share experiences.

  • Private Past Life Session

    Just you and me on Zoom. Paced and shaped completely to your needs. Find and heal one or more deep-seated issues you have been carrying over from a past life. You will also get an audio recording of your session.

  • Individual Soul Session

    Our second private Zoom session, completely tailored to your needs. Connect deeply with the core of yourself, your soul, and solve other life questions you may have. You will also get an audio recording of your session.

  • Lifetime Access to the Course

    Lifetime Access to the full course including the Live Session recordings - because sometimes we need an extra push again.

  • Q&A and Support

    If there is anything to run into during our live programme, you can ask questions live or in the Facebook Group.

  • Daily Practice to do at Home

    10-20 minutes a day of creative homework to really ingrain your new habits and way of life. Plus extra material or audio to support that week's session.

  • Book Individual Extra Sessions

    You will be able to book any sessions on a one-on-one basis with me, should you prefer.

  • Book the VIP Upgrade

    Benefit from the group energy and get VIP treatment. The VIP Upgrade gives you not only the group sessions, but all sessions privately as well, completely custom-tailored and in privacy. For any questions in between, you get extra e-Mail support in between.

My main mission is to guide you to your soul again

I have always been a connector, a diplomat, a translator. I connect people with ideas, others and themselves. In this workshop, I’ll help you connect you with your deepest self. Your soul essence.

I’ll guide you to solve your life questions to root you firmly in calm and clarity for the life you deserve.

I know, that all sounds a bit woo woo.

But if you already know me you will know that I am very down to earth, explain everything in simple terms, and don’t like using buzzwords, complicated rituals and cryptic messages.

I don’t believe that spirituality needs to be flaunted about like a fashion accessory. You don’t have to burn sage, play sound bowls or meditate for five hours daily.

You will learn that there is nothing you need to prove to anyone. Or a need to have your head in the clouds. We do have a body and a real life to take care of, so I’ll make sure you also stay firmly planted in the here and now.

It’s the connection and combination of both that we are going to develop in this workshop. A depth of insight, inner freedom, peace and connection to intuition and soul that most of us have lost.

You will very practically experience first-hand what I can only describe in words here now.

The Live Sessions

  • 1 - Introduction to Change

    Evaluate your starting point, say goodbye to your old story, and start creating change.

  • 2 - Overcoming Resistance

    Discover how your subconscious mind and your body can keep you stuck in a loop and how to change that.

  • 3 - Energy

    How to build resilience against energy eaters on a mental, emotional and spiritual level and use the energy towards your life vision.

  • 4 - Power and Responsibility

    What power you really have over your own life and how you can take responsibility for creating your life.

  • 5 - Self and Beliefs

    This session becomes very personal. How do you see yourself? How do others see you? How do you know who you really are?

  • 6 - Vision and Intention

    Learn about the power of setting an intention, and how to increase your comfort zone, well, comfortably.

  • 7 - Inside Your Heart

    Discover and open your heart and connect with your inner child to find out what it needs.

  • 8 - The Impact of Past Lives

    Learn how promises, contracts or relationships can hold you back across lifetimes and how to access past lives.

  • 9 - Beyond This Life

    Your individual Past Life Session is this week. During our group session, we will discuss personal experiences and questions.

  • 10 - Connecting to Soul

    Learn about the Soul State that we go to between lives, what you can do in it, and experience a group Soul State Session.

  • 11 - Above Lives

    This week is all about your individual Soul Sessions where the most important insights and shifts can happen. In the group we discuss experiences.

  • 12 - Celebrate Your New Self

    Look back at how your life and view has changed during this workshop.

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