online hypnotherapy for unexplained infertility, peak performance, chronic pain, arthritis, healing, tinnitus, anxiety, phobias and much more - in personal, custom-tailored sessions.

Thank you for booking!

Please read the information below to prepare for our first session together.

If at any time before our sessions you have any questions, send me a message at!

Note: if you have booked a Discovery Call, you don’t need to prepare. The instructions below are for full sessions.

Prepare for Your Session

  • You will need a phone or webcam, a reliable internet connection that’s good enough to have a video call without interruption, and if possible headphones.
  • Sessions will take place via Zoom.

     Find a place where you won’t be disturbed for the duration of our session, whether by colleagues, kids, or pets. A place where you could comfortably go for a nap, and your head and neck can be supported.

  • This can be a high office chair, an armchair, sofa, or just a chair and a pillow where you can lean against a wall, etc.

During Your Session

during your session
  • The hypnosis part will usually take anywhere between 20-40 minutes, with, in exceptions, up to 150 minutes. All sessions are custom-tailored to your needs.
  • Place the camera/phone so that I will be able to see you from your face to your hands during the hypnosis part of the session.
  •  Make sure to set your phone to silent and double check that any pets are outside the room, since they seem to sense when you’re relaxed and will come to you.
  • Please be on time for our session so that we can make the most of the scheduled time.
  • It may be useful to set an alarm for after our session, just in case you fall asleep but have more plans for the day. (The session will still work in this case ).

After Your Session

after your session
  • You have done a lot of work, even if it seems like you “only” relaxed and listened to me. So just take it easy and treat yourself.
  • You will normally notice change straightaway, but it can take three days up to a week for full effect.
  • Should you have any questions or want to book in the next session, contact me via at any time.