Past Life Journey Workshop

Who were you in a former life?


A viking? A queen? A knight? A mother in the 1800s?

Maybe you were a 20s party girl? A mother in the 1800s? An Indian woman, or a caveman in the time before there were even countries?

You could have been one or all of those, or someone completely different…

Want to find out?

Coming again soon:

Past Life Journey Workshop

A Past Life Journey with soulessense is different to anything you have ever experienced.

One you will not forget.
This is not a ticket to just any movie, not a book with a storyline someone else thought of.

This is YOUR own personal story.

With a conclusion or message specific to YOU.

During the 3-hour group workshop, I will guide you every step of the way if you so choose, or you can just go off explore your past life by yourself.

Over time, I have designed and refined the Past Life Workshop so that everyone in our small group can feel safe and be guided on their way to and within their past life or lives.

As a hypnotherapist, I help with a lot of diverse issues. With self-doubt, low self esteem, worry, a lack of feeling loved, stress… and hypnotherapy can solve those very well. However, I have been amazed by how deeply one Past Life Journey could positively affect participants with exactly the same problems.

Every workshop is different, but the energy that builds, and the stories are always fascinating every single time.

All you need to do to experience this as well is book your spot in the next workshop!

Coming again soon:

Past Life Journey Workshop

If you…

  • are curious about how much your subconscious knows that you have long forgotten
  • have a feeling that there is more than what you can see
  • are on a journey of self-discovery, to your deepest self, your soul essence
  • want to know whether there is anyone in your current family or among your friends who is in your soul group, or a soul mate
  • want certainty about strange experiences or dreams you have had in the past
  • want to take part in a fascinating group experience
  • have never tried a past life regression yet

but you can’t or don’t want to pay a past life regression specialist for a full one on one session …

… then the Past Life Journey Group Workshop is perfect for you!

"Wow , what an experience! I absolutely didn’t know what to expect and though I might not have gotten in deep trance, it was eye opening. I am now checking and looking up some stuff!"

"My mind was absolutely blown."

"Thank you. This was wonderful."

"Today was amazing again. What I find astonishing is that I have had three past life experiences now and there are clear links in history within all of them."

You will…

  • have an amazing experience
  • find out about a life or lives you have led in the past
  • start or get further on your path of spiritual development
  • find out what MORE there is of you than just your everyday life
  • find more meaning in your current life
  • be relaxed and refreshed and feel amazing after the session
  • be supported by an experienced guide
  • receive guidance for your current life from your own higher mind
  • and/or get a life lesson that you need in your current life
  • do all of this in a safe way

I have been allowed to accompany clients into the most diverse lives and experiences.

There are so many stories we experienced together that I can only give a short overview!

Life in a cave in ancient jungles before time, a sea battle between England and Spain through the eyes of a ship boy, to the life of a poor Scandinavian woman in the 1600s or a happy French mother in London in 1864, a Casanova, a soldier under Oliver Cromwell who then escaped to the New World, a girl experiencing unconditional love with her knight, a famous trapeze artist, farmers, a witch hunt in the 1900s, a goatherd in Nepal, a nun… And experiences in the space between lives, like meeting angels, dancing with joy of being back home, or just resting in incredible love, peace and acceptance.

Do you want to be part of that too?

How does a Past Life Workshop work?

 Past Life Journey group workshops with soulessense are designed to enable you to dive as deep into an almost real experience of a former life as you can, and to give you insights into your own mind and a message for your own current life.

 At the same time, your safety is always top priority. And you can just enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.

Every workshop is different, because the experiences are so different. But what I always try to do for those who choose to be questioned live is to get as many check-able facts from them as I can.
And even if you are just listening while you are in your own experience, it helps you deepen your own experience and reminds you to look for certain evidence.
Often we already find during the discussion that there is something to that date, place or name! And that leads to a real WOW for everyone.

"It was an amazing experience Astrid. You led and handled the session brilliantly and our discussion afterwards was also helpful. I slept for nearly 10 hours afterwards and feel really refreshed."

"It was such a fascinating experience, thank you so much!! And thanks to all other ladies, it was amazing to hear all your experiences!"

"Thank you so much Astrid for a fascinating and lovely morning. It was beautifully led and also lovely to connect with everyone."

"Thank you so much for doing this work and taking such good care during the session! Didn't know what to expect, but came back with a message I needed to hear and a feeling of confidence that everything is always ok."

Do you want to experience that too? You can!

In a group of people who come with the same intention of exploring one of their own past lives – through hypnosis.
I have found that the group experience, and hearing what others are experiencing at that very moment, helps to deepen and enrich your own experience.
And don’t worry, you can choose not to be questioned during the experience.

After the session, anyone who wants to share can do so. What I love the most is that everyone has an enriching experience that gives answers or a certainty that is useful to you. Also, we sometimes hear names, places or dates that actually check out afterwards!

Open that door to a beautiful and breathtaking experience that you will never forget.

Book your place in the 3 hour group workshop now!

What makes this Past Life Workshop special?

I designed this Past Life Journey Workshop especially to support you to get great results. Even if you are not spiritual, believe in any religion or have never meditated in your life.

There is no woo-woo talk. I am a very practical and down-to-earth person, but I know the benefits of hypnosis and trance for finding a connection with yourself again. And I know how much a the experience of and following belief in something higher than material things can benefit you, to reduce this feeling of fear that we often live in – sometimes every day.

The way I lead the workshops is being respectful towards every person’s experience, their beliefs and walks of life. I ask questions and don’t tell you what you are supposed to experience. I would never say to you or anyone that what you think you see is wrong, or that you need to do something differently. 

Because you, like everyone, have your own truth, fears and views of reality that are true to you. And you will only change or reinforce your views when it is time for you to do so.

These workshops do not serve any specific belief, religion or world view, except that there is more than just a material world. They may expand your mind, and connect people with each other.

During the workshops, I have had a Buddhist who was surprised to see an actual angel with wings. There was a vegan who was in her logical thinking surprised that she only ate meat during her past life and found this completely normal, while she would never touch meat in this life. While she probably won’t start eating meat now, she may gain more of an understanding of other people who do.

I can only say that a Past Life Workshop – or a one-on-one session for that matter – is mind-opening, and has the potential to make you more open toward other ways of life, world views, or spiritual beliefs. It can even make you see that your views and those of others are not so far apart.

If you are on a quest to find your soul, your purpose, or seeking a bigger truth, then I can be the one who guides you to one place you can go to find it, and how to get there.

So that you are the one who figures out the why yourself. So that you are the leader of your own life. If anyone else told you what you are, told you what your truth is, you would not be leading yourself.


Every time we hear amazing stories, and often find evidence that the life just experienced may have been real, participants can name places or names that are verifiable, or speak in foreign languages or accents.

However, this is not the prime reason for taking part.

First and foremost, we are looking to enrich YOUR life – by you allowing your subconscious mind, or your higher self, to guide you, to teach you what in the stress of day-to-day life you may not realize, or to give you a message you need to hear. It is, if you will, a certain method of mindfulness. And, of course, an experience you will not forget too quickly.

Once you have had the experience of receiving a powerful message from your subconscious, or higher self, your life changes for good (pun intended). And you may get closer to understanding your reason for being on this Earth.

The next workshop Time and Date

Coming again soon:

Past Life Journey Workshop

I look forward to seeing you there and can’t wait to hear what you experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the workshop look like?

Group workshops are held via Zoom once a month. Usually small groups, between 3 and 12 people, from all over the world. After a short introduction and explanation, the Zoom room is closed off so nobody can come in from outside and disturb us, and we start with a hypnotic induction. At every point you are in control and can decide freely whether you want to go deeper or stop and open your eyes. You will spend up to 1.5-2 hours in a trance, hearing a few others tell about what they see, or telling some things yourself. I will help you to move to another part of that life if you wish, or a completely different life if you prefer.

At the end I safely guide you back to the here and now. Because of the group, I cannot continually monitor at all times how you are doing, so in that way a workshop is different from a one-on-one session.

Will I become emotional? Is it safe?

You may become emotional if you are really immersed, but I set up the group workshop so it is safe and a nice experience for everyone, and there will be no traumatic events. We will also not solve individual problems, that is what one-on-one sessions are suited for.

What we will do though is ask for a message out of that life that will help you in your current life and maybe answer a specific question you have now. This is often very revealing to participants. I have received many messages from participants from months ago how they can still recall that feeling of love or safety from their experience once again, when they feel stressed or worried, and it will immediately calm them down.

Are you going to ask me a lot of questions? What if I don’t want to say anything?

If you want to answer questions during the journey part, you let me know in advance. I always have a number of people who enjoy it and who find it easier to broaden their experience. But there is no problem if you don’t want to speak. You can also choose to share afterwards, in the discussion- or not at all. You will find that hearing other people’s experiences will help you visualize your own better.

Are there going to be a lot of woo-woo people?

While anyone is welcome, participants are generally very normal people who are just curious about the possibility that there is more than just one life. Ages are between about 20-65, and more women than men. Participants come from all sorts of belief systems or religion, and I love that!

Which sorts of stories are we going to hear?

That varies so very much!! I have tried to explain them a bit above. But about one third of my participants are able to recall a lot of details, like birth dates, villages or names of people and places. When I notice that I try to write down those things so they can research. We have traced quite a few times and dates back to actual events, and that detective work afterwards is absolutely amazing as well!

However, you may experience something that is just amazingly realistic, and want to immerse yourself fully so that you may choose to not listen to my questions at all. Anything is possible!

Do I have to believe in reincarnation to take part?

Well, if you go into the workshop wanting to prove that it doesn’t work then it won’t of course. so it helps. But you may well believe in it after we are done! If you were someone who thinks that we die and then there’s nothing, there would be no point for you to look at this page (and especially not at the very very bottom in the FAQ… . And even if you have very strong doubts, listening to the stories of others might convince you that there must be at least something to the idea.

Can I take part if I don’t understand the English language very well?

You can, but it is going to be much more valuable to you if you speak and mainly understand English fluently without having to think too much about what you are hearing. If you are at a level where you need to translate a sentence to understand it, it is very unlikely you will be able to go into a deep hypnotic trance, which is necessary to experience a past life.

Can I take part if I am on strong prescription pain medication, antidepressants, psychiatric medication or if I have a serious health issue?

If you are on strong pain medication, antidepressants, psychiatric medication or have any serious health issue, ask your doctor or health professional’s advice on hypnotherapy BEFORE booking and do not book any appointment with me if your health provider has advised against hypnotherapy. I cannot be held liable if you act against your doctor’s or health provider’s advice.

Can I cancel the workshop?

Yes, you can cancel within 30 days of booking and anytime up to two hours before the workshop starts and will get a refund. In this case, please contact

Can I reschedule a workshop?

Yes, you can reschedule any time up to two hours before the workshop starts and will be able to choose a future date. Please contact

Can I purchase a Past Life Workshop more than once?

Of course! Feel free to book as many times as you want!

Instead of a group workshop, can I have a single session with you?`

Yes, you can. To book a 1-on-1 session, you can book directly here.

I’m not really prepared to be part of a group workshop or a single session, but I would love to try a Past Life Journey.

No problem! You can try whether a Past Life Journey is something for you by trying one of my Past Life Audio courses!

We are a group of friends who want to do this together. Can we book an exclusive workshop with you, just for us?

Yes, you can. Please message me at