Hypnotherapy for Peak Performance

  • Get “in the zone” at will
  • Effortlessly and exceptionally perform
  • Get into flow with the power of your subconscious
  • Replace doubts or intrusive thoughts with total confidence in your ability
  • Gain 100% focus and engagement in your task
  • Enjoy your performance
  • Realize your full athletic potential
  • Remove unneccessary pain during athletic events
  • Recover quicker from competitions

Peak Performance - It's A State Of Mind

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a competitive amateur – you know that having a perfectly trained body isn’t enough. As a businessperson, the product isn’t enough. On stage, the song or speech isn’t enough.

It’s the performance that makes the magic.

Peak performance is a state of mind that allows you to perform not just well, but outstanding. 

It’s a very special state. You can feel and experience being “in the zone”. 

You are in flow, feeling confident, full of joy and not even thinking about anything that might go wrong, or any pain you may have. No need to think about certain tactics or movements – you’re doing all of that on autopilot.



You know you can do this. You know this is happening.

You’re “in the zone” when your subconscious mind knows exactly what needs to happen for you to optimally achieve the goal you have set. When your body does its job perfectly.

Not a doubt in your mind, no fear or pain.

You’ve worked hard for years. Your ambition, dedication and focus have taken you this far.

And yet, sometimes, those doubts creep in. Your body isn’t exactly doing what it should.

What would it be like to have a button to push that puts you into peak performance in that very second?

This can happen for you. Get in touch.


A Client's Story - Ultra Marathon

The Issue

David wanted to run “The Wall”, an Ultra Marathon in the United Kingdom. 

Because he had never done this before, he was between the knowing he could do this, but doubts crept in nevertheless. He felt nervous and worried about what pain he might feel after, whether he would be okay during the run, and whether he would make the finish line.

The Session

David came to me with the request to help him overcome his doubts and fears.

In our session, which took about one hour, we discussed his ideal outcome, and I built all of it into the session.

I used my HypnoCells® skills and visualizations to allow him quick self-healing afterwards.

The Result

“I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy with Astrid. We worked together as I was about to run an UltraMarathon: 100kms (70 miles) in a day. Astrid worked to ensure I ran pain free and also programmed in for me to recover rapidly following the event. Both happened – I felt great and though I’d ran for 20 hours solid, I could have continued and felt really fresh. Also recovery was great, like I’d never even ran such a distance!! Highly effective, very relaxing, and I’d thoroughly recommend. Thanks Astrid!!”

Find out what I can do for you

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