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Past Life Regression

Get answers to life questions, solve problems and release emotions that you have been stuck with for more than a lifetime.

Past Life Regression helps you find answers

Do you have a feeling that there is more to life?
Are you curious about who you may have been in a past life?
Is there a soulmate or a soul group you came into this life with?
Do you want to be free of certain issues that seem unsolvable to you right now?

Past Life Regression helps you grow spiritually

Whether you are on a spiritual journey, want to know more about yourself, soulmates or your soul group, or are just curious about things you have experienced that do not fit into this life, a Past Life Experience will help you change your view at life to a higher perspective.

Whatever the reason, by exploring your former lives you will learn that you are much more than just a body in this lifetime. You will lose your fear of death. And you can explore your own path and lessons for this life.

Past Life Regression helps you heal

However, Past Life Regression is not just used to grow spiritually. It is a therapy in itself that can help you release and heal emotional wounds, understand and take away the reasons for physical discomfort or behaviours you have been unable to change until now.

It is one of the most wonderful ways of learning about yourself, and I love the changes my clients go through on so many levels – emotionally, mentally, physically. You can find lots of case studies on this page.

And since I am also certified in Life Between Lives as well as standard hypnotherapy, I can help you let go of any patterns or blocks we discover – in past or parallel lives, in ancestral lives, but also in this life.


Your subconscious mind knows where the issue stems from and leads us accordingly.