Hypnotherapy for Tinnitus Relief

How to Improve or Clear the Noise Inside Your Head

When is the Workshop?

The next Hypnotherapy for Tinnitus Workshop will be held on Wednesday October 25th, 2023, at 8.30PM UK time.

It is set to go on for approximately 90 minutes, but in some cases it may take a bit longer.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop on tinnitus relief is for those who suffer from tinnitus and would like to learn strategies and get tools including self-hypnosis that go beyond the general recommendations on how to deal with it.

What we will do

In this workshop for tinnitus relief, you will learn about how  and why tinnitus occurs, and what you can do to relieve it – according to up to date research on the matter.

We will then do a hypnosis for the entire group.

You will receive tools to do self-hypnosis for stress reduction and calm, which you can easily use afterwards any time you feel you need to.


While I cannot promise any individual results due to the nature of a group session, I would like to name some numbers from the last last workshop on tinnitus: 80% of participants reported a reduction of tinnitus symptoms right after the hypnosis, with half of them experiencing a substantial reduction and a quarter of them a total reduction of their tinnitus to 0.