online hypnotherapy for unexplained infertility, peak performance, chronic pain, arthritis, healing, tinnitus, anxiety, phobias and much more - in personal, custom-tailored sessions.


Hypnotherapy can help to quickly remove or reduce issues that impact your life in a big way.

Standard hypnotherapy quickly removes common issues that are holding you back from living your life freely, or they keep you from moving on.

The range of issues that suggestion hypnotherapy can solve or improve is very broad, as broad as the range of issues that we cannot control consciously.

If you prefer, you do not need to tell me the entire background of your issue. I can still help you knowing just the very basics. It is enough that your subconscious mind does know and can immediately form new neural pathways – while you are totally relaxed and always remain in control.

Which issues can we solve with standard hypnotherapy?

*I cannot help with allergies you would need an epipen for or that are possibly life threatening if not treated with medication. Also, if you are taking any prescription medication, or if there is a possible medical reason for your issue, ask your doctor or medical care provider before undertaking any hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is not a replacement for standard medical care.

  • phobias or fears like spider phobia, button phobia, fear of the dentist, heights, flying, claustrophobia …
  • confidence issues like public speaking, blushing, stage fright
  • more self-confidence, self-esteem, self-care
  • exam stress
  • more focus, direction, ambition
  • procrastination
  • anxiety or overly worrying
  • stress
  • sexual performance
  • fertility*
  • IBS*
  • reducing the symptoms of migraine*
  • chronic pain management*
  • reducing allergies*
For any other or multilayered issues please contact me first via email, or book a free call!

Hypnotherapy is a scientifically proven way to access your subconscious mind and change it for the better.

 The method I use works together with your subconscious and helps it create a new way (an actual neural pathway) to change the behaviour or issue that is keeping you from living the free life you want.

In sometimes one or just a few sessions with me, you may find that your issue is gone or so much reduced that you are finally free to live your life without that burden.

Every session is tailored to your specific needs.

Go to the testimonials section to read what some of my clients said.

A hypnosis session, whichever issue it is, is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience

All you need to do is sit back with your head and neck supported, in an undisturbed spot in the comfort of your own home or wherever you like, so that I can see you, and you can listen to my voice. Sessions are conducted via videocall.

I always set up a session so that your subconscious mind keeps reinforcing the changes every night, so while you usually have immediate results, those become even stronger during the week to follow.

What if I have a medical issue?

Clients often seek help through hypnotherapy only after all other avenues have been explored. That is a shame, but in case of any possible medical issue, a prerequisite.

A doctor or medical provider should always be the one to diagnose and treat a medical issue, but if no physical reason for your issue has been found, and your medical care provider has no reason to advise against it, hypnotherapy is often a good alternative or complementary route.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for a hypnotherapy session?

Please follow these instructions:

  1. You will need a phone or webcam, a reliable internet connection that’s good enough to have a video call without interruption, and if possible headphones.
  2. Sessions will take place via Zoom and you will get the opportunity to download the app on opening of the link if you don’t have it already. Please make sure you have the app and that it works properly in advance so we can start the session on time.
  3. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed for about an hour, whether by colleagues, kids, or pets. A place where you could comfortably go for a nap, and your head and neck will be nicely supported. This can be a high office chair, an armchair, sofa, or just a chair and a pillow where you can lean against a wall, etc. The hypnosis part will take anywhere between 20-40 minutes as it is custom-tailored to your needs.
  4. Important: Place the camera/phone so that I will be able to see you from your head to your hands during the hypnosis part of the session.
  5. Make sure to set your phone to silent and double check that any pets are outside, since they seem to sense when you’re relaxed and will come to you.
  6. Please be on time for our session as it will be a maximum of one hour. If you have a lot if questions to be answered, please schedule a discovery call before the session.
  7. It may be useful to set an alarm for after our session, just in case you fall asleep but have more plans for the day. (The session will still work in this case ;)).
  8. Please do your best to get a good night’s sleep after the session to get maximum benefit.

How fast can I expect changes with hypnotherapy?

Most of my clients feel very relaxed right after the session and start noticing changes that same day, if not immediately. The changes from the session will reinforce every time you sleep, so you will feel the full effect of the hypnotherapy between 3-7 days after the session.

What if the hypnotherapy session didn’t help, or not enough?

I work on a per-fix basis, not per session. That means we will keep working until that problem is fixed for you. If a week after the first session you feel the hypnotherapy hasn’t helped you improve enough, you are welcome to book another session, or two, or as many as you need within three months from the first session at no extra charge.

Please do allow one week to feel the change properly before you book the next session, as my sessions are tailored to reinforce over time.

Just email to discuss what we need to do and we will schedule the next session for free.

Please note that issues that are unrelated to the original issue are not included in the package.

Can I undertake hypnotherapy if I am on strong prescription pain medication, antidepressants, psychiatric medication or if I have a serious health issue?

If you are on strong pain medication, antidepressants, psychiatric medication or have any serious health issue, ask your doctor or health professional’s advice on hypnotherapy BEFORE booking and do not book an appointment with me if your health provider has advised against hypnotherapy for your issue. I cannot be held liable if you act against your doctor’s or health provider’s advice.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing a package, you’ll immediately receive an email with details on how to book a time for your appointment.

Can I reschedule an appointment?

Yes, you can reschedule via the link you received in the email from me.

Can I purchase hypnotherapy more than once?

Of course! If you find yourself in need of hypnotherapy again at some point in your life, you simply purchase the matching package again.

Can I get a refund if I don’t want to go through with my session after all?

Yes, you can cancel for free up to 48 hours before your session is due to start. That way someone else who needs help can still schedule that time slot. If you are late or don’t show up for the session you cannot be refunded.

For cancellations within less than 48 hours please contact directly to find a solution.

I have more questions that are not answered here!

That’s fine, just mail at any time or book a free call!