Discover how to conceive successfully. Even when there is no medical cause for why it hasn’t worked yet.

XX September 2022

Join two experts in this intensive 2-hour workshop

You’ve been trying to conceive for months

You’ve measured and tested, made love on a schedule until it felt like a chore.

You’ve listened to all the advice, tried all tricks and remedies.

You think of nothing else.

And yet – nothing.

Except that monthly rush of adrenaline when you want to hit that narrow window of opportunity.

The disappointment and tears, when all of your effort was useless – again.

You blame yourself, your partner, and you have no idea what to do next.

You are stressed out of your mind. Anxious.

It’s a catastrophe.

Here's your shortcut

Work on your own personal roadmap with us, so you are crystal clear on what you need to do and have on your path to having a baby.

We bring you the information and tools you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

That way you can take the best action straight away without wasting any more precious time with things that often don’t work.

Or things that are so expensive it adds even more strain to everything else you have going on.

We can empower you on your own road to fertility, with the most up to date research and decades of experience.

Do you want to...

… get out of the stress of constantly trying and doubting – to knowing what is important for you to change and do.

… get into a calm flow that makes your daily life and relationship much easier.

… get out of the information overwhelm and finally have the puzzle completed?


... then the Empowered Conception Roadmap is perfect for you!

We’ll guide you on the path to conception.

Get ready for a workshop that will enable you to calmly take the next steps, see your options clearly and empowers you by giving you only the important, up to date information you need to boost your fertility.

Knowledge is Empowerment

You will learn...

·         that fertility is not a technical process, but has a lot to do with mind and emotions

·         Which medical reasons are the most common for infertility

·         Why unexplained infertility is actually a POSITIVE diagnosis

·         How fears and feelings can affect your body

·         Which lifestyle factors have the biggest influence on your fertility

·         what the common denominator is in most unexplained infertility cases

·         How any of these can impact your chances of having a baby

·         When you really need to seek medical help

·         why assisted reproduction treatments like IVF can lead to a vicious cycle of infertility

·         how secrets in your relationship can impact your chances of having a baby

Build Your Personal Roadmap

You can empower yourself by having a plan. The Empowered Conception Roadmap allows you to

  • Discover your personal obstacles in your fertility journey – even the hidden ones
  • How men and women can contribute to unwanted infertility
  • Learn what you can do to alleviate them
  • Find out what your nervous system has to do with fertility
  • Find out which therapies make sense for you and in which combination
  • Know exactly when you need to get medical help


… all within just a few hours!

Who are we?

Meet Dr. Deborah Gilmour

Deborah has decades of experience in hypnotherapy for fertility and knows all that is really important in conceiving without assisted reproduction.

She is, in fact, trainer for fertility in her native Scotland and Connecticut.

In her private practice, she has helped over 96% of her clients successfully start a family.

Meet Astrid Harms, MCMA

Astrid has been extensively trained in fertility by Deborah, and helps clients reduce stress, anxiety, pain and solve deep seated issues through hypnotherapy and coaching.

For the mother of two, the path to having a family was not an easy one, so it’s her mission to empower you to make your greatest wish come true.

What you get

A Live Workshop

Learn all the important and up to date information on unexplained infertility and ask questions.

After Session Q&A

Have your most burning questions answered so you can immediately move forward on your journey.

Your Personal Roadmap Workbook

You’ll fill it in as we go, so that you can immediately see exactly where your problem areas are.

The Most Effective Strategies

The best ways to overcome stress and overwhelm that you can apply immediately.

A Relaxation Audio File

You will be able to keep this file forever


You'll have access to the workshop recording forever so you can go over it as many times as you need and use the files at your own leisure.

Dedicated Facebook Group

You will have access to a Facebook group with likeminded people, where you can exchange experiences.

Q&A Sessions

We all have questions that come up later. That's why you get access to future Q&As that you can attend as well if you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

My GP says all I can do is get IVF treatment. Why should I book your workshop?

It really depends on your physical status, but the Empowered Conception Roadmap may help you find another way to conceive before you start assisted reproduction. And many of the strategies we share are also and especially useful during IVF treatments.

I can’t make the workshop date!

If you can’t make the whole workshop or need to repeat, that’s fine too. You get to keep the workshop and files afterwards on a dedicated platform. You get access to a Facebook Group where you can exchange your experiences and take part in future Q&A sessions.


What do I need to bring?

That’s very simple. All you need to bring to the workshop is two to three hours of your time, the printed roadmap workbook, and an open mind to allow for solutions you may not have thought about yet. That’s it!

I have been bombarded with so much information, why should I book your workshop?

We have done our very best to keep all information really concise, no fluff, just the most up-to-date scientific research and straight to the point solutions.


Do you have a guarantee?

If you have gone through the entire workshop and workbook and still haven’t found any value in it, you can ask to get your money back within 30 days after the event.

And if you decide that you don’t want to take part in the live workshop or get the recording after all, you can get a refund any time before the start. No questions asked.