Past Life and Soul Work Case Studies

A different way of exploring your life choices and circumstances.

These case studies are just a small selection to show the results that are possible with past life regression and soul work. They are usually shortened and leave out smaller questions the clients had, as there are often multiple questions. Each session is unique. Sometimes there are multiple lives we explore, sometimes parallel lives pop up, and I usually take clients to the soul state as well, where the deepest work and connection can occur.

Every client experiences a past life and soul session differently. Some see scenes, others feel or know.  As you will see, some sessions are literal, others are more symbolic. But no matter how, every life we explore is connected to the issue the client wants an answer or solution to, and every client experiences deep and positive changes.

*All participants have given permission for their story to be used as a case study, but for privacy reasons, names have been changed. Each session is a personal, subjective experience in the subconscious mind under hypnosis, not an actual current event.

Aztec Ritual

Christina* would get a horrible powerless feeling inside of her and at the same time feel responsible whenever she witnessed any cruelty against animals or children, but not when the same happened to adults. She felt adults brought it onto themselves. Christina used to work in animal rescue, so she saw really bad cases of animal cruelty on a regular basis. Since she was unable to distance herself from this feeling inside and it would just keep building up with time and become worse and worse, she eventually had to completely stop working in animal rescue. Christina could not think of anything in this lifetime that might be the reason, so her wish was to find out where this trauma came from and to release it.

Christina could not think of anything in this lifetime that might be the reason, so her wish was to find out where this trauma came from and to release it.

During our past life session, she was taken back to a life that seemed to be in the Aztec culture. She was about 12 years old and was being held by her mother on her left arm and her sister on her other arm and was supposed to look at a spit with something living turning on a fire, as a sort of rite of passage ritual.

There were people lining up and cheering behind her, excited for their own turn. She did not dare to look and was desperately wondering why she was so sensitive. She was told by her family to be brave and look. When she realized she was supposed to look at a baby, she still kept telling herself off for being too sensitive, she should just look. At the same time, she felt sad, powerless. She loved all creatures and didn’t want them to suffer. This was torture for her.

She felt that she didn’t belong there, that she came from somewhere else, a beautiful place of light, and they weren’t her family but had found her. They didn’t understand her at all, and at some point they became afraid of her because she was so different and locked her into a bamboo cage. She didn’t care anymore, she knew she could just break splinters off the bamboo in the night to use on her wrists and “go home”. It was okay.

So she went home to her soul family, where it became clear to her that she had been in this physical existence because she had been curious what being in a human body was like, and she had learned that a physical existence was hard and humans are just cruel. It had been her first physical life.

In her soul state, she also had a message to herself: that it’s okay to not feel EVERYTHING. “It’s okay. Just let go, remember to come back to what is really there, just enjoy and feel it. Open your heart.”

Since the session, Christina has felt much more peaceful, more open and synchronized with her higher self, and is developing her intuition. And whenever she thinks of or sees cruelty now, it feels less close and without the personal responsibility she used to feel.

Leper Valley

Suzanne* has a rare disease called “Myasthenia gravis”, which causes muscles to feel weak and fatigued very quickly. It started with an ear infection years ago, and has left her housebound and with lots of medication. There is currently no medical cure for it. Suzanne has allowed me to use her case study under the premise that I name the disease she has, as there is not much or no research into healing it and she wants to help raise awareness for it. Her question was where this illness comes from, and why she keeps self-sabotaging and putting off things like her studies. The only connected thing she remembers from this lifetime is thinking at 12-14 years of age “If you’re not perfect you must be ill” and “I wish I could just be ill and not have to deal with all of this stuff.”

During our session, Suzanne was taken to a very dry and dusty valley, with hundreds and hundreds of lepers in it, making a strange noise. The lepers had been locked into this valley by the Romans because nobody wanted to get infected by them. She wanted to help them, so she handed out flatbread that other women baked, while others gave them red wine vinegar from amphores.

At some point she realized that they were not getting any water whatsoever. The Romans had forbidden it, and that what she thought was helping them was actually killing the lepers faster as they were drying out quickly. She felt a lot of guilt, because despite loving her people and wanting to help, she had been responsible for the death of so many people.

In her soul state she realized that she had taken this guilt with her to her current life. The noise she had heard from the lepers was the same noise she had heard when she had had her ear infection. After she had begged for the noise to go, she started having this rare disease.

Suzanne also realized that continuing to carry the guilt was unnecessary. It had not been her fault, she couldn’t have known. And just like her, the lepers had moved on to other lives and were not in pain anymore.

She was able to let the guilt go, and to become clear on what her purpose is going to be. She will finish her studies and then help people overcome their chronic diseases. She said she HAD to have the myasthenia gravis to understand chronic disease, and that she now didn’t need it anymore, she would be letting it go and heal herself within one year.

Now, a few weeks after the session, she says that her life is already getting better and better. She has effortlessly made much better food choices. She has had more revelations about her life and past and connected to her intuition more.

Losing Important Men In Her Life

Mary* wanted to know why she kept losing the important men in her life. Her father died early, her husband and she had recently divorced, other partners she had pushed away. She had tried emotional clearing and some other ways of finding out why this was playing out in her life, but she never got to the bottom of this dynamic. And she wanted to solve it so she could be finally happy with a partner.

During our session, Mary was taken to the life of an African girl in 1865 who was about 14 years old. The first scene we explored was of her father, husband and every man leaving the village to go to war. She was desperate to keep them there, but she was powerless. They left, and never returned. Eventually she passed.

We explored a second life where she was living a well cared-for life and had a royal husband and family, all of whom she had a deep connection with, living at a higher frequency until old age.

She removed the old negative energy from the African life, and all negative energy of loss from this life, and she knew she would now be fine, and living this current life in a higher frequency.

She said “I left anything that did not serve me behind. I’m not afraid to create anything new in this life. Totally free on every single level. Just free in every cell of my body.” She had a sense of freedom, infinite possibilities and ideas.

In the soul state, she also realized that the man from the “royal” life would be coming into this life soon, to then live together like in the second life we had explored.

The Wall

Sarah* felt that she was not doing enough to move forward professionally, that she needed more confidence and self esteem, be braver and rid herself of fear of moving forward. She wanted to know what it is that was blocking her.

The first life Sarah went into was that of a very poor woman who lived alone in a hut with only the bare necessities, near a castle with unsurmountable walls. She felt her children went into that castle and never returned. She herself was only allowed outside of the castle walls, and there were lots of rules that scared her, so she kept to herself and minded only her own business. That wall was always present throughout that life. The house of a richer relative that was stuffed full of things was suffocating her.

She then went into a second life in a Victorian house. She was well-off, but her husband was abusive and would not allow her any freedom to work as a teacher or even go to the library. She felt she could not live her life the way she wanted to and was relieved when he died in an accident at work. She went on with that life, still well-off, but became so independent that she didn’t let anyone in- She died an angry and bitter lady.

In the soul state she realized that in both lives there had been a wall – once a literal one that signified her feeling of powerlessness, and the second time one she had built around herself. So she tore down this wall that she had still been carrying and replaced it with a gate to allow her to become unblocked and also let people in.

Two weeks on, Sarah feels much more positive and has been really pushing her plans of building her own business and been much more assertive. Before the session she would have stewed over other people’s reactions and waited for them to move.

Removing The Darkness

soulessense deep soul work

Xenia’s* relationship with her father had always been strained. He didn’t even care when she had cancer. She hated him and hated having his genes, and knew this was not good for her soul. She felt like this had been going on for much longer than just this lifetime, as she had had dreams about past lives where that relationship was similar.

During the session, Xenia first revisited some lives of powerlessness where she didn’t stand up for herself. Then entered the very first life that was the beginning of her strained relationship with her dad.

In that life, she was the daughter of a rich and powerful man, who had remarried a woman who had then taken up all his attention. Xenia was informed that her father had just killed her husband, her soulmate, who she had been really happy with. Her father had done this just out of spite, because she was the daughter of his first wife whom he had hated. Because he had guards, she was powerless to revenge her husband, and also felt she would be just as bad as he if she did kill him.

She decided instead to just leave, and went on to live in a small village with huts, where she led a very simple but happy life and her father could not find her. She found a new loving husband and had three sons. When the oldest was about 20, she decided to go see her dad. He first refused to see them, then rejected them. She felt much more upset than her children, and again felt her hatred towards him.

When she eventually heard her father had died, she felt relieved. She felt he had been eaten up by his hatred. She kept living her simple life and never got any of his riches.

In the soul state, Xenia was able to see that she had carried the promise to either impress or kill her dad, and the powerlessness she felt when that didn’t happen through all those lives..

She realized that her father was unable to love because he had been hurt a lot in his life as well. She saw that there was also a lot she could be grateful for, in his genes and in what he did for her, and was able to forgive him fully, releasing all of that hatred and powerlessness. It felt to her as though the darkness surrounding their relationship in her lifted and went away. She also said that the cancer she had had was from this darkness she had been carrying, and it would not return. Xenia felt empowered and whole, much lighter, and knows her life will be much lighter and easier in the future.